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Anthony is a man with character, vision, courage and integrity. I have worked with him on several levels and he was a guest drawing a huge audience on my radio program. If your company is in need of leadership, staff growth, networking in the global world, and development, Anthony is the person you need to call. I highly recommend I. Anthony-Ajileye for all of your business leadership and training needs.

Camryn Lemmon


I have appreciated Anthony's sincere interest in mentoring and assisting me with the brainstorm process. He's very creative, an out of the box thinker, and very capable of partnering with individuals to create revenue streams in their business. I would recommend Anthony highly.

Mary Gardner


Anthony-Ajileye's work ethic is simply amazing. He's a true professional who is focused on developing his craft and improving himself personally. He is a man of integrity who genuinely cares for the well-being of others. I highly recommend his work.

Dr Nicoline Ambe


It was my pleasure to have worked with Idowu during his amazing delivery to a Project Management and Construction training course to a participant from Oman. His presentation skills and ability to manage business are exceptional. I believe he is able to portray his deep knowledge and experience into a presentation that one would find very easy to comprehend. He is great to work with.

Leila Shaheen


I had occasion to ask Anthony's advice recently regarding a marketing challenge. I was seeking guidance on how best to market my "job market training" to parents who might be concerned about the career prospects of their youngsters. Even over the phone, Anthony was extremely helpful, offering useful tips as to how I might go about this and, just as important, things I should avoid doing.

Barry Jackson


Only knowing Anthony Ajileye a short time, it is already evident that he is a person who has a great caring for humanity. In addition, he is a man of his word possessing integrity, honesty and a strong drive to succeed. His dedication to quality, providing customer service and delivering what he promises are admirable.

Diane Bogino


Anthony attended my Presentation Skills programme in 2013. He is a highly dynamic individual who easily leaves a lasting and positive impression of himself. He domonstrated a high level of proficiency in his personal presentation skills right from the off. He was one of the most enthusiastic and dedicated attendees I have seen and I can fully recommend him both for his excellent presentation abilities, his leadership qualities, and his huge enthusiasm to learn and develop.

Michael Westland-Rose


Thank you Anthony for every good piece of advice, for reminding me of the values we all strive to, for your teaching and guidance. I enjoy reading and following your work.

Kristina Abramovic


Meeting with Idowu Anthony-Ajileye was very pleasure and procreative in my view on life, people and work. I also recommend this platform.

Margita Knapcova


Idowu Anthony-Ajileye is a true professional and a pleasure to deal with. His services are of great value and benefit for anyone who uses them!

Wendy Carr Cope


I highly recommend this Platform of Anthony Ajileye, its very helpful and encouraging.

Andrew Gamal


As a graduate of project management willing to grow and develop across areas of leadership and teamwork... I have found this platform helpful and highly recommended.

Ekundayor McQuantum


Idowu Anthony-Ajileye gives sound guidance to those who wish to advance their professional careers. In the TEDx Imperial College Presentation titled: "Think Outside The Box and Pay The Price", Mr Idowu Anthony-Ajileye presents a systematic approach to the development of a professional career after the stages of institutional education/training. He has laid out this road-map in clear simple terms, illustrated with candid anecdotes of personal experiences. This is a succinct practical guide to getting a successful career kick-started, which should apply anywhere in the world. The cherry on the cake is the subtle reference to the fact that, development of individual professional careers are building blocks to the foundation of a successful society.

Preston Ukoli


Excellent speaker. Especially like his work on equalities and empowerment. Recommended.

Sarah-Jane McDonough


After meeting Anthony, I can see his is passionate of family. In his genre of niche he shares his concept of relationships and life. Following him on social media he's an excellent motivational speaker ted talk panelist. I recommend his business page for you to join. It's about the movement!

Maday Lopez Brown