Absorbed words transform minds if professionally and convincingly presented in the right atmosphere. We don't know what we don't know until it is brought to our attention. Even when our consciousness is triggered with knowledge, the way it is received is a measure of how it is communicated. The power of words cannot be overemphasised as it can be deeply transforming if we choose to act accordingly. Hence the saying, “applied knowledge is power”

I speak on a diverse range of topics within the following context but not limited to:

  • Project Management
  • Leadership
  • Career
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Bespoke topics and personal passion

Project Management

Overview of project management, fundamentals of project management, project risk management, project management team, barriers to successful project delivery, effective costing of projects, monitoring of projects, controlling of projects, measurement of project progress qualitatively and quantitatively, earned value management, project controls, project procurement, successful hand over of projects and how to avoid the pitfalls throughout the entire project lifecycle from conception to completion etc.


Overview of leadership, fundamentals of leadership, leadership vs management, leadership vs followership, leadership decision making, personnel development, types of leadership, forms of leadership, styles of leadership, grooming of leaders, leadership values, leading by example, why leaders fail and vice versa, leadership driven by environmental context, leadership versatility, upward and downward ethical relationship building, setting SMART goals, motivational strategies, setting stretch targets, evolving corporate objectives through collective participation etc.


Progression in a challenging environment, maximising your potentials, identifying sectors that gives optimum returns on your skills, identifying adequate support for CPD, versatility of your skill set, professional associations that boosts your aspirations etc.


Strategies for quitting the rat race, side hustle opportunities, how to access the right contacts that propels your business goals, professional networking, business mindset while in employment etc.

Bespoke topics and personal passion

I develop bespoke speaking requirements to meet Client needs within the context of my knowledge and experience. I also speak on my other areas of personal passion like relationships, family values, grooming children, mentoring young folks within the home setting and to be a positive influence.