Ten Values That Births a Great Society

Not everyone is cut out to embrace the family lifestyle but if you do, by establishing the right values into your offspring, you will be doing – Yourself, Lineage, Society, Nation and the Globe at large a great service of helping to bring about a better world to live in.

Be it Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Career Development or whatever areas of interest you are passionate about, it all starts from the home which further justifies the saying that, “Charity Begins at Home”. In as much as right values may be learnt at any stage in life, it is better right values are inculcated in the mental consciousness of a growing child and quoting from my favourite book, “Teach a child in the way he/she should go, he/she will not depart from it at later stages in life”

Family life is a great responsibility and it requires great Leadership skills to establish sound values which will be societal transforming. Gone are the days of “do as l say” but rather it is “do as l do” in the fast paced world we find ourselves today. If we look around us, moral decadence is at its highest rate and a lot needs to be done by those in the business of procreation to curb this negative trend.

Before l go into what is expected to replicate sound values, you will agree with me that we cannot give what we don’t have. Hence, we need to do a reality check of ourselves to ensure we possess the right values to pass on to the upcoming generation. If we don’t and are not willing to change our ways before procreation, then we are invariably compounding the societal challenges the world face today if we go down the family route. It is best to stay clear if not willing to do what is expected.

This takes me to the critical attributes requied to lead a family life of sound values:

1. Establish a clear vision that supports the right values

2. Take the right decisions, be it convenient or not

3. Take responsibility for your decisions and stick by it

4. Create the time to monitor progress of the values

5. Engage the intelligence of your procreation rather than instruct

6. Take an interest in what interests your procreation and guide accordingly

7. Play a key part in the development of your procreation

8. Be a strong influence of thoughts and attitude

9. Help to maximise the gifting of your procreation positively

10. Commit your procreation into the hands of whoever you believe in

This is not an exhaustive list. What would you like to add to this list?

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