Mentoring & Coaching

There will always be a need for 1:1 Mentoring or Coaching in certain circumstances to trigger in an individual the process of starting to take the positive actions in life. Many have asked what is the difference between Mentoring and Coaching. They are closely related but not the same. However, one line of difference amongst others is that, Coaching will be for a defined short period while Mentoring will be much longer or may even last a lifetime.

It may be the young teenager in your household that needs an external positive influence, or it may an adult that have missed it and wants to fall back on track.

Mentoring or Coaching is all part of life process. Some may be in attendance in large audiences and be able to apply the principles taught to make the desired change in their life but some will definitely require a unique staged development process which is closely monitored.

Everyone has a development need and our learning abilities differ. While some people are self starters in life, others need to be kick started and closely monitored to fruition.

We most times need to be awakened to the price we need to pay for the lifestyle we desire but having difficulties to attain. Do get in touch as we navigate this important process together to achieve our desired goals.