Leadership is not just about Politicians or Chief Executives of Corporate Organisations, rather it cuts across every facet of life. Every individual has a leadership responsibility but the scale of its discharge varies depending on the level of followership and that is where the difference lies.

Be it Presidents, Prime Ministers, Legislators, Head of Faith Groups, Community Heads, Family Heads, Head of Units within Corporate Organisations all the way down to individuals taking responsibilities for themselves only, there are elements of leadership thats cuts across all strata.

For example, one crucial element of leadership is decision making and decision making is an everyday event as there is a choice in decision making but nobody can be absolved of the consequences of decisons made and its effects on either self or their followers. There are so many other crucial elements to leadership and that is why when we talk about leadership, it benefits all and extremely important for all.

Also worth noting is that the position of leadership is all about service and that is where the phrase “servant leaders” emanated from. Always best to serve before leading so the importance of another crucial element of leadership, which is direction, can be better understood. Consequences of positive or negative direction in leadeship is phenomenal.

Leadership in the home or in the local community is as important as leadership on a wider scale because we tend to place so much emphasis on the wider scale only. There is a tendency to create a vacuum in some vital areas which is the constituent of the larger society. Every strata of leadership is important and why everyone should be a part of the audience when leadership is discussed.

Most of us seems to be familiar with several characteristics or traits expected of Leaders and the effective strategies in discharging leadership but it is important to note that leadership keeps evolving and we need to be up to speed with advancement in leadership in all facets of life.

I look forward to welcoming you to my public speaking on Leadership!