I absolutely agree with Jim Rohn that “Profits are better than Wages, wages will make you a living while profits will make you a fortune” Anyone that desires a secure financial future must start to design strategies on how to get out of the rat race as soon as possible.

There is a season to be an employee if only in a bid to acquire the necessary knowledge and experience to build upon. However, venturing into entrepreneurship can start at anytime but many refuse to take the small little steps required to kick start the process under the pretext that the time is not there to do anything else.

There will never be the time and the ability to maximise time to progressive use can make all the difference. Not always is a massive amount of capital a perequisite to venture into entrepreneurship but the ability to identify real human need and strategise on how to meet it.

By being a part of my public speaking audience or via my 1:1 life mentoring, ideas that will set you on the path of entrepreneurship will be generated and that inherent passion that will make a financial room for you will be awakened.

Somebody somewhere is in dear need of the knowledge and skills at your disposal. Stretch out your legs into the waters!